RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2017

When a classic television private detective releases another award-winning novel, people take notice. You loved Jameson Parker as half of the popular detective team of Simon & Simon (1981-1989), and you’ll also love his latest novel that springs from his life and imagination.

For Pamela and Tony, surviving in an unfamiliar world becomes more complicated than they expect. Drawn together by their need to survive, they realize the essential humanity that binds us all, and they experience a love that transcends their mutual need.

Journey into the tempestuous world of two people from vastly different backgrounds as they are swept away into a whirlpool of remarkable forces beyond their control. Will their infinite capacity to endure triumph, if only for a brief and shining moment?

“. . . Bold. Original. Profoundly moving . . . .,” writes Dan Bronson, author of Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody.

“. . . moving, harrowing, historically-accurate . . . .,” says Steve Bodio, author of Querencia, A Rage for Falcons.

About the author: Jameson Parker is best known for Women at West Point (1979), Anatomy of a Seduction (1979), The Gathering II (1979), The Promise of Love (1980), Callie and Son (1981), A Caribbean Mystery (1983), and his still-popular classic CBS series, Simon & Simon (1981-1989.) He is the “Sporting Life” columnist for Sporting Classics, the “Fine Guns” columnist for Texas Sporting Journal, and author of a critically acclaimed memoir, An Accidental Cowboy.

Price: $14.00

WEAPON OF CHOICE by Janette Anderson

No one ever told her that this was real life.

“Weapon of Choice is whiz-bang action, adventure, and suspense.”
– Marilynn and Jerry London, Director and Producer

“Weapon of Choice is action packed, great characters, and many twists and turns. A great read.”
– Christopher J. Gambino, Nicole Productions

“Janette Anderson is a female author who has successfully captured the mystique of her male character. A rip-roaring adventure story of men, a woman, and the land.”
– Jim Byrnes, Writer and Producer

Janette Anderson was born in England, but now resides in Los Angeles as a US citizen. After earning her degree in communications, she traveled round the world, and then began a career as a celebrity journalist interviewing over 500 stars. Graduating from the WGA as a signatory agent, Ms. Anderson opened her own company arranging parties for the stars, including one for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. Now she spends her time both writing and producing her books to films. From the first series, The Kane Branson series of five books, comes Kane, and closely followed by Sons of the Father, both to be films next year. Weapon of Choice, dedicated to Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Barry Bostwick, and Eric Fleming, hopefully will one day be a third film.

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Don Andrea Vega, a playboy with a license to kill.

“Mob boss Philip Vega is back. As author Janette Anderson did with Sons of the Father, the first novel in the Philip Vega series, she has carefully woven a complex fabric of criminal enterprise and family entanglements in the power and the glory. It’s time for Vega to pass the torch to his favorite son, but as we know by now, nothing in his life ever goes as planned. Betrayal, treachery, deception… all in a day’s work for the head of Los Angeles organized crime. the power and the glory will keep you turning pages all the way to its uncompromising climax.”
– Mike Dennis, audiobook narrator/producer

“Janette Anderson’s final novel in the Philip Vega saga has so many twists and turns, that finally even I know who my character is.”
Joe Lando, actor

“From Janette Anderson’s diminutive frame bursts a powerhouse of energy, wit and story telling. This prolific crime drama author borrows from her own fascinating and often enviable life experiences to produce novels that are impossible to put down and beg to be made into movies.”
Catherine Mary Stewart, actress

“Janette’s pen is as sharp as her wit.  Get ready for a roller coaster ride!”
Duke Fenady, writer and producer

“After being swept up by Philip Vega in Sons of the Father, now with ‘the power and the glory’, Janette has delivered a walloping tale of forbidden love and the ultimate betrayal.”
Jim Byrnes, writer and producer

SONS OF THE FATHER by Janette Anderson

“Philip Vega is a man to die for.”

Thrill to Janette Anderson’s latest novel of danger, international intrigue, adventure, romance, and mystery. Philip Vega is a smooth customer, but that calm exterior masks a man of action. Be prepared for a wild ride.

“Janette Anderson is the female Mario Puzo. Sons of the Father is the modern day Godfather from a woman’s point of view. Violent, sexy, and she lived it.” – Director and producer Jerry London

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RULES TO DIE BY by Janette Anderson

When Marc Vega takes Emma, her husband, Don Andrea Vega, must go after her any way he can. As his own son’s bodyguard, Vega must enter the world he created but this time as a blond-haired blue-eyed bodyguard to his own son, Patrick Vega. Helped in his quest by Charlie Hill, his friend from his mob-style past, finding Emma leads him to take out his own son . . . or does it?

“The effortless blending of colorful characters, intriguing relation-ships and suspenseful action are becoming the trademarks of Janette Anderson’s novels.”
— Gary Daniels, Actor

“Add this to your list of guilty pleasures… great characters… Ms. Anderson’s best work yet.”
— Joe Lando, Actor

“What a great take on one of the world’s favorite film and TV genres. Ms. Anderson tells a great story.”
— Michael Paré, Actor

“An amazing story of love, devotion, and loyalty in a world where those things never come easily.”
— Lori M., Production Assistant

“It was an emotional journey writing this book. Close to the heart and based on the truth, a story to tell and it took a novel to do it, for I could not have written it as me.”
— Janette Anderson, Author & Producer


Kane Branson and his wife Kelly head to England to rekindle old friendships with Kane’s boyhood chums, MI5 head Peter Graham and Italian racing driver Alexander Vincentia. Before the Branson’s arrive, Vincentia fatally crashes at Silverstone, while driving for Mercedes and driving on his own company’s Tyroler tires.

All roads lead to sabotage after another Mercedes teammate’s car, also riding on Tyroler tires, is involved in an accident on the practice laps at Silverstone. Racing along with him is the new brawn from Australia, Kene Branson (better known as Kane Branson). Kane decides the only way he can discover the truth is to become part of the racing circuit. And against his young wife’s wishes, he takes to the track like he was born to it.

Blackmailed into crossing-the-line through his wife’s abduction by possible Italian sources, Kane shows the world what he can really do on and off the racetrack. Bringing home more than just a trophy, Kane proves that no one can cross over the line with him more than once …and live.

KANE: MAN OF WAR by Janette Anderson

Kane: Man of War is disturbing and angry. It comes from a man who hides skeleton’s in closets and has ghosts haunting him. This is a journal of a dark hero, one who is trying to cope with his past and also retrieve some sense of the true hero he once was. This is a journal, hard hitting, and at times a shocking and upsetting portrayal. This is something movies are made of like Godfather and Scarface. Kane is out to raise hell and get revenge – he is dark and troubled and knows he is going to hell. The ending is brutal but satisfying. Vengeance has a new name – Kane.

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Fifty-four-year-old Australian Federal Police agent, Kane Branson, is persuaded to come out of seemingly semi-retirement to investigate the increasing drug trade from Lantau, Hong Kong into Australia. The undercover operation is known only to a few as the Hunter Project.

Kane’s team on the mission will consist of new agents, one being his young wife, and vets starting at the hottest place this side of hell: Alice Springs, and take only the tough to the seedy depths of Hong Kong, where drugs and prostitution reign. The project starts with ten people and before they even leave Australia two of the team members are lost. Accidents? Maybe! Someone, somewhere wants Kane to fail, and that could involve the Chinese, or is it one of his own kind? A twist on words with a penchant for truth, with maybe a son he didn’t even know he had. What lies ahead for Kane and his One Hundredth mission?

The on-going Branson saga…


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Kane Branson, Veteran Commander of the AFP, returns to Australia from a mission in Iraq to bury his young wife, Agent Kelly Branson, who died by the hands of terrorist Ryan Holden. Attending the funeral is ex-US Marshal Reese Wade, accompanied by the ten year-old child, Leila, that Reese claims is hers and Kane’s.

Leaving his entire family behind, Kane and his bodyguard, Hunter McLeod, set out on a mission halfway across Australia to prove that the child is not Kane’s daughter. Kane must then rise above what life has thrown at him, all his own transgressions and be the parent he should have been… or should he stay a would-be Hell’s Angel with a license to kill?

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BRANSON’S COUNTRY by Janette Anderson

His career was founded on hitting the bad guys so hard they’d beg to be arrested just to get away from him. Now, the era of shoot-first/talk-later police ethics is over, and no one feels more tested by the new rules than the Australian Federal Police Force’s most decorated hero, Kane Branson.

One year ago, five men brutally raped and murdered Kane’s wife, and although the AFP knows the men, they avoided prosecution for lack of evidence. Kane does his best to abide by the legal process, but he becomes totally frustrated by the law’s inability to bring the men to justice, and finally takes the law into his own hands.

Kane blows one of the men, Pierce, to pieces and all hell breaks loose. Warned by his superior, Captain Buchanan, that he’ll be imprisoned if he continues on a personal quest for vengeance, Buchanan also warns him not to dig too deep, as he might not like what he discovers.

If he absolutely must go after the men, though, Buchanan offers him another way. If Kane can acquire enough evidence on the rest of the men, Walker, Stevens, King, and millionaire Miles Stratton, for the drug distribution operation they’re suspected of running, the AFP will prosecute them… but good.

The catch is, Kane has to do it on his own time to avoid a judicial outcry of conflict of interest, and he has to do it as non-violently as possible.

Kane begins his pursuit by agreeing to protect the daughter of one of the men, Kelly Walker, on her trip back home to visit her father. She’s agreed to testify against him and his cronies when she’s sure that she’s protected from their retribution…that is, after they’re behind bars. Kane connects with a visiting US Marshall, Justice Department Agent Reese Wade, the daughter of an old friend sent to help find and arrest the American member, millionaire Miles Stratton.

Kane and Kelly make contact, and Walker, smelling a rat, takes them to his jungle compound, the hub of his drug-distribution operation. Kane discovers that Walker, with the help of his goons, runs a white-slave scam there, preying on homeless young girls living on the streets.

Kane’s own daughter, Sage, left home two years before and hasn’t contacted him since.  When Kane penetrates Walker’s operation with the help of Kelly, he discovers his daughter living in Walker’s jungle hideaway, a virtual prisoner. Kane now has to not only gather evidence against Walker, he has to get the three of them safely away from Walker’s grasp and keep them all alive in the process, an effort made more complicated as he and Kelly realize that they’re falling in love.

Reese Wade is ‘killed’ and Miles Stratton escapes, and although Kane takes revenge on Walker, King and Stevens, he cannot rest until his personal quest is fulfilled and Miles Stratton is brought to justice.

Finally, Buchanan’s warning that Kane might discover more than he wants to know becomes prophetic, and Kane has to choose between the darkness of the man he used to be, or the light of a new and uncharted future as a father, a husband to a woman his daughter’s age, and as an Australian Federal Police Officer.